Old house of Prophet Hazrath Mohammed Mustafa (S A) in Makkah

The following diagram demonstrates the old house of Prophet Mohammed (p bu h) inMakkah; the businesses are of Syedah Khadeejah; Prophet's Room; the place whereprophet prays; birth place of Syedah Fatimah Zahra; Guest Room.See below pictures …………

Syedah Khadeejah House

Enterance of Prophet's room

Birth place of Syedah Fatimah Zahra

Guest Room

The place where prophet prays

Mosque in guest room

This is the house where prophet lived for 28 years This is the house where prophet lived for 28 years

The room of Prophet Mohammed with Syedah Khadeejah

This was filled with water for WOZU (before prayer)

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Farzad said...

ya rasool allah,ya habib allah, subhan allah thank you brothers for publishing these picture.. now my heart will be in peace..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice holy view of the home of mohammad sahab...jazakallah..

k hayloam said...

Wow! it is realy very beautiful wallpaper.
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