Cutting Nail according to Sunnah

1. It is Mustahab [preferred] to clip nails on Friday.
However, one should not wait for Friday if the nails have grown long. (Durr-e-Mukhtar, pp.
668, vol. 9) The Sage of Fiqh, Shaykh Mufti Amjad ‘Ali A’zami rehmatullah alaih said, “It is
narrated that whosoever clips his/her nails on Friday, Allah azwajal will protect him from
calamities till the next Friday and for three days thereafter, that is, for 10 days. In one
narration, it is said that whosoever clips their nails on Friday, [for him] mercy will come and
his sins will go [i.e., be forgiven].” (Rad-dul-Muhtar, pp. 220, vol. 16, Hadis. 226)

2. The following is the summary of the prescribed method of cutting nails narrated (in the
books): begin with the index finger of the right hand and work your way towards the right
towards the pinkie (smallest finger). Now, beginning with the pinkie (small finger) of the left
hand and work your way towards the thumb. In the end, clip the nail of the right thumb.
(Durr-e-Mukhtar, pp. 193, vol. 1)

3. There is no prescribed order of clipping the toe nails. It would be better to start from the
smallest toe on the right foot and cut in order, including the thumb, then cut in order on the
left foot beginning with the thumb. (Durr-e- Mukhtar, pp. 193, vol. 1)

4. It is Makruh [disliked] to clip the nails in the state of Janabat, that is, when Ghusl [the
Purification Bath] has become obligatory on one. (Fatava ‘Alamgiri, pp. 308, vol. 5)

5. It is Makruh [disliked] to clip nails with one’s teeth; there is a fear of being inflicted with
leprosy in doing so. (Fatava ‘Alamgiri, pp. 308, vol. 5)

6. Bury the nails after clipping them; they can also be thrown away.
(Fatava ‘Alamgiri, pp. 308, vol. 5)

7. It is Makruh [disliked] to throw the nails in toilet or shower as this causes illnesses.
(Fatava ‘Alamgiri, pp. 308, vol. 5)

ih, pp. 55, vol. 1, Hadis. 175)8. Do not clip nails on Wednesday as this can cause leprosy, however, if 39 days have passed
since the nails have been clipped and Wednesday happens to be the 40th day, then it is Wajib
[obligatory] to clip the nails as it is Makruh Ta_rimi [unlawful] to wait for more than forty
(40) days.

9. Long nails are a seat for satan i.e. satan sits on the long nails.
(Ithaf-us-Sadat-liz-zubaydi, pp. 653, vol. 2)

The Noble Prophet sallalahu alaihi wasallam has said, “Whosoever loved my Sunnah [way], loved me, and whosoever loved me will be with me in paradise.”

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