Blessings Of Ikhlaas

The meaning of Ikhlaas (sincerity) is that one should desire the Qurb (closeness) of Allah Ta'ala and whatever is done should be for the approval and pleasing Allah Ta'ala and there should not be any showing‑off or publicity in it. There should be not desire of the base self (Nafs) in it.
Hadhrat Dhun Nun Misri (May Allah shower His mercy on him) said:

These are the 3 signs of Ikhlaas:
1. The praise and the condemnation by the people should not affect one. This means that the praise and condemnation of the people should mean the same.

2. There should not be any desire to show off or ostentation in one's deeds.

3. Reward should be left for the hereafter i.e. there should not be any desire to receive immediate benefits.

Hadhrat Abul Hasan Poshangi (May Allah shower His mercy on him) said:

Ikhlaas is that which the Kiraman Katibeen i.e. the angels who record the deeds should not be able to write it, Satan should not be able to destroy it and no other person should know about it.

Our each and every deed should be for the sake of Almighty Allah and as per the will of Allah Ta'ala. Desires of the self should not be involved in it. This has been the custom of the elders and Almighty Allah is also pleased with this.

Hadhrat Abul Hasan Ali Noori (May Allah shower His mercy on him) incidentally went to the riverbank. He saw that that large pots of alcohol were being unloaded from the ship. He asked: What is this?.

People said: This is wine for Motasimbillah who is a very great king.
On hearing he got angry. He took the staff and started breaking the pots of alcohol. One after the other, he broke nine of the pots. Only 1 pot was left. As it was royal wine, he was presented directly before the king. It was the custom of the king that he sat in court with an angry face. He called Hadhrat Abul Hasan and asked him: Why did you do this? He replied: Whatever I have done you know it. Why do you ask? The king got angry and said: Why did you do this? Are you an inspector (Muhtasib in Urdu)? Hadhrat Abul Hasan said: Yes. The king asked: Who made you an inspector?

Hadhrat replied: The one who made you the king made me an inspector.

The king asked: Is there any proof for this?
Hadhrat said: O my son! Establish Prayer and enjoin good and forbid evil, and patiently endure every suffering that touches you. Verily, these are matters of great courage and high resolve. Surah Luqman (31:17)

This had an impact on the king and replied: Okay. He made you an inspector, but tell me broke 9 pots. Why did you leave one?
Hadhrat said: After breaking the 9th pot, my base self (Nafs) praised me: Abul Hasan! You have done a very brave thing! You did not even fear the king. On this moment, I stopped myself. For the approval of Allah Ta'ala, I had broken 9 pots, this one would have been for the desire of the Nafs. For this reason, I left the 10th pot.

Did you see the tricks of the Nafs. The people who understand the cunningness of the Nafs are like this. The tricks of the Nafs are of various kinds. With the pious people, it is like this and with the evil folk, it is of another kind.

Taken from "Mawaaiz-e-Hasana"

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