Dreams and their meanings..

Dream - A portion of Nabuwwah


Rasoolullah (Sallallaahu-alayhi-wassalam) is reported to have said Ru'ya of dreams are a portion from the forty portions of nabuwwah. That is why every person is not privileged to give the ta'beer or interpretation of dreams.

Only a person who has the following qualifications is authorised to do so:

1) He must have adequate knowledge of the Tafseer of the Qura’aan

2) He must be a Hafiz of the Ahadeeth of Rasoolullah (Sallallaahu-alayhi-wassalam)

3) He must be well versed in the Arabic Language.

4) He must be familiar with the roots of words so he knows where its derived from.

5) He must be familiar with the nature and status of people.

6) He must be familiar with the basic principles of ta’beer or interpretation

7) He must be possess a pure and clean soul

8) He must be a man with sound morality

9) He must be honest in speech and conduct.

Why all the above requisites? Because when giving the ta'beer (interpretation) of a dream, at times, the aspect of time has to be taken into account and at other times, the ta'beer is given directly from the Quraan, and Hadeeth and again, at other times, the usage and phraseology is taken into account. Sometimes, instead of taking into consideration the one who see the dream, the Mu'abbir (interpreter) will take into account someone who resembles him (ie. the observer of the dream) in personality or name. Sometimes an interpretation is given by name only or by the meaning of a word only or by its contrasting meaning. Again, at other times the root-meaning of a word is taken into account, or the lesser or greater meaning of a word is taken into account.

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