The following does not only apply to an Islamic gathering but can be implemented in all types of gatherings.

Effort should be made that Allah Ta'aala is remembered in every gathering and Durud Sharif is recited at least once in the gathering. Hereunder are a few Sunnah (Plural of Sunnah) taken from Hadeeth:

* It is not permissible for a person to sit, in a gathering, between 2 people without their   
   permission. (Tirmizi)
* It is incorrect to remove any person from his seat and sit in his place. (Bukhaari)
* Sit close together and not far apart. (Abu Dawud)
* If any person comes into a gathering, then out of respect, one should make place for
   him. This will make the new comer feel accepted (It is therefore advised even if there is
   place in the gathering). (Baihaqi)
* If there are three people in a gathering, it is wrong for 2 people to speak in a language
    which is foreign to the third. (Bukhaari)
* Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam has mentioned a Duaa to be recited before standing
   up from a gathering. It will be a means of forgiveness of the sins commited in it. Insha
   Allah I will send out the dua tomorrow.

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