Tasbhee Ibrahimi -- Tasbhee Taraveeh

Being a friend of Allah SWT Hazrath Syedina Ibrahim A.S. was very eager to learn
more and more Tasbhee (glories) to remember Allah SWT in various effective ways
-- Allah swt sent Hazrath Jibrael A.s. to test the level of Syedina Ibrahim A.S
. remembrance thrust who just recited part of the first Tasbhee of Taraveeh whic
h increased the thrust of Syedina Ibrahim A.s. to remember Allah SWT in that way
of tashbee and have requested Syedina Jibrael Alayhi salaam to teach him more t
ashbee who was at that time in a traveler's disguise and asked Ibrahim A.S., wha
t you will give me if I teach you more tashbee? -- Then Syedina Ibrahim A.S. for
each part of the tashbee he learnt from Syedina Jibrael Alayhi Salaam, gave one
fourth of his huge lambs farm's lambs until he acquired the complete Tashbeen w
hich is what we recite after two Rakat and four Rakat of Taraveeh prayers. -- Ma
y Allah SWT bless us more and more taufeeq to glorify Allah SWT during this mont
h and get its bounties with the intercession (Wasila) of Syedina Ibrahim A.S.
Please recite this marvelous tasbhee of Syedina Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam in additio
n to Tarveeh prayers and lighten your soul and heart with its immense glories.

Tasbhee Taraveeh:

Fazlunminallahi Wa Naimah wa Magfirati warrahamah Wala ilaha Illallahu Allahu Ak
abar รข Allahu Akbar wa Lilahil Hamd.
subhanazil mulki wal mala kut. subhanazil izoti wal azmati wal haibati wal kudro
ti wal kibria, Zuljalai wal jamali, wal kamali wal jabarouth. Subhanal Malikil M
abood, Subhanal Malikil Maqsood, Subhanal Maliki Majood -- subhanal maikil hai l
illazi la yanamoo, wala ya mutu wala yafoutu abadan abada. subuhun kudusun rabbu
na wa rabbul, mala ikati warruh.

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